Friday, May 25, 2007

Teaching and books

I've been rather busy recently, sending a stack of emails for my "virtual study group" and trying to organise the more able ones into a Google Group so they can practise more. Who knows if they'll actually use it?

The novel's coming along, slowly. I'm somewhere in the middle of Chapter Five, which means I've written about 85 pages by hand. I have my doubts as to the plot, but I decided from the beginning that I wasn't going to look back, so anything broken has to be fixed as I go along. When I get around to editing it, I'll have plenty of chances to rearrange stuff.

Now, time for a very, very late lunch!

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Anonymous said...

I really need something to eat - suggest chilli, lime, chocolate, tomatoes and mushy peas wrapped in pastry to form a Cornish pasty and served with Henderson's relish ecletic and inedible all on one plate