Friday, December 01, 2006

A New President

So now we have a new president. This is the second presidential ceremony I’ve seen here, as their terms last six years in Mexico. There was a show of resistance by the opposition, but Calderón took the presidency by sneaking in through the back door. His face was unreadable as he sang the national anthem, and he appears to be the greyest of politicians.

As I type these words, I hear there is the possibility of a confrontation between a march lead by López Obrador (the self-styled legitimate president of Mexico) and the Federal Preventive Police who are guarding a celebration ceremony at the National Auditorium. I didn’t see much to celebrate in the way Calderón came into the presidency, but I suppose he’s still trying to convince himself that he’s earned it.

Now it begins. Mexican society has been highly polarized since the elections, with a negative campaign on the part of Calderón and interference on the part of ex-president Fox in the electoral process. The results of the election were so close that Calderón’s legitimacy is highly compromised and many people suspect him of fraud. What happens from now on is up to him. Who knows if he’s up to the challenge?

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